Does your gown design and wedding location work with your veil of choice?

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Gown Design: – As a general rule, elaborate and heavily embellished gown requires a simple veil and a simple gown can carry a detailed veil.


The key focal points of your gown will also determine the length of your veil. You can choose one that ends just before the detailing on your gown, but should you want a long one ensure that it is sheer enough to still show the details.


Another thing to look out for is the length of your veil in relation to your gown. For short veils, the length should be at least 3” below the backdrop or neckline of your gown. Why? This avoids creating a break showing skin between your veil and the gown.


If your gown has detail on the back such as a beaded pattern, flowers or laced up detailing, again ensure the length of the veil works to flatter this design.


  1. Wedding Location: – One would wonder what on earth your wedding location has to do with your veil type. We’ll tell you why.


If an outdoor ceremony is the wedding of your choice then you may want to consider elements such as sand, dirt and wind. Keeping your veil short for this type of wedding is advisable. A long veil will be hard to keep in place on a windy day, for weddings in windy areas a visor or birdcage will work much better.


Also remember most veils are made out of tulle a loosely woven, mesh like fabric. Dragging a veil through dirt may cause it to collect debris or get caught on something which could be disastrous.


A cathedral veil is best suited for a formal wedding setting in a large church. This is because it requires a lot of room.


Over and above the various factors mentioned that will help you when choosing your bridal veil, there are extra details you may want to consider too. These are the various finishes that work with your veil or dress design such as ribbon or lace edges. You can also ask your designer to translate some of the details on your dress onto your veil.


It is a preconceived assumption that veils have no place in the reception part of your wedding. This however is not true. There is no rule that discourages a bride from keeping her veil on through the entire wedding day. It can sometimes mean the difference between looking like the bride or a beautiful lady dressed in white.