Occasions n’ Days Limited are experts in fine custom made  fashion. With over          ten years’ experience in the industry, Occasions & Days guarantee to get it                  right every time.

A View of the OnD Shop in Hurlingham

We specialize in made-to-measure clothes that match your unique style and that fit you better than what you can get “off-the-shelf”.

  • If you want to make a replica of an outfit you like, like what you’ve seen in a magazine or on the Internet, we bring it to life for you
  • If you’re looking to stand out at a special occasion, we help you design something just right for the function
  • Or, if you want something comfortable and smart, that fits you properly, for office, special occasion or pleasure, that’s our bidding

With our years of experience, we’ve learned how to help you achieve the look and feel you want.

We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We’ve come to understand body shapes and sizes, and what works for which. We’ve mastered fabric and stitching and we’ve embraced quality finishing. Our experience in all this is at your service.

Who We Are

Monica Kanari is our chief fashion designer. She loves fashion. In fact, it wouldn’t be excessive to say she lives for it. And she’s really good at it too; the evidence … she’s the only Kenyan fashion designer who’s been a winner of three International fashion awards; As a student in 1995 (Smirnoff) then as a professional in 2000 (Smirnoff) and 2006 (Redds) .. and two were before she did any professional training!

In 2003, Monica visited Australia and had the opportunity to train under Tracy Saywell, a professional fashion designer, to enhance her skills.

Anne and Senait are up-coming fashion designers who assist Monica in serving your fashion design and production needs.

We also have a very experienced team of tailors who work with Monica to bring the designs to life. Some of them have worked with us for many years during which time they have acquired our values for quality. We are proud of them and the work they do .. we’re not hesitant to suggest that they are among the best tailors in Kenya.

Our Philosophy

Make you look good. Give you a happy, comfortable experience working with us!

We hope you visit us soon to make something beautiful.

Business Philosophy & Fashion Spec

Occasions n’ Days specializes in evening and occasional dresses with a contemporary African flair. Monica undeniably gives the African outfit an elegant look, working with silk and African fabric mixes and African ornaments to create that special stunning outfit to compliment the wearer.