You can have the wedding gown of your dreams custom made, just like Susan who was worried her big arms would make it impossible …

“Monica Showed Me A Great Fashion Design Trick
That Made My Big Arms Look Smaller, And Great,
In My Custom-Made Wedding Dress” – Susan

Models Showcasing Wedding Outfits Made By OnD at Samanthas Bridal Fair 2012

Hi. My name is Monica Kanari. I’m a fashion designer and have been designing and making wedding gowns in Nairobi for 12 years.

Susans Story

Susan didn’t like the way her big upper arms looked in a strapless dress, yet the wedding dress designs she really wanted were all sleeveless and exposed her upper arms the way she hated!

To make matters worse, the corset designs she wanted, that made her upper body look slimmer, brought out her big arms even more!

She was not a happy camper!

By the time Susan reached us at Occasions & Days she was frustrated and on the brink of losing hope of getting the perfect look for her wedding dress, the look she’d dreamed of since she was young.

Fortunately for her she hadn’t bought a dress yet and so we had the chance to work together to make her dream-look a reality with a custom-made dress.

In working with hundreds of brides for the past 12 years, I’ve discovered many design “tricks” that can change your appearance to hide the bits you don’t like and emphasize the ones you most want to show off.

How We Fixed Susans “Big Arms” Problem

The design solution we chose for Susan’s big upper arms was the triangular half sleeve.

The triangular shaped sleeve gives the impression of the arm tapering at the top, making your upper arms look much smaller than they really are.

Susan couldn’t believe how much smaller her upper arms looked by the time she wore her custom-made wedding dress.

What About The Problematic Pot Belly?

The most common problem area we deal with is the pot belly.

Years of little exercise and not paying attention to your diet become a bulging problem that’s made twice as big a headache when you’re the one going to be the bride.

Many girls crash diet and get into a vigorous slimming program to get in shape, but this doesn’t work for everybody. And often the bulge doesn’t disappear from the places you want it off, like the pot! (I know, I’ve struggled with my pot too! Grrrr!).

But, you still have to look fantastic on your wedding day!

Here’s one trick that’s served my brides well time and time again. And you can use this tip whether you end up making your gown with us or not.

A Clever Way To Hide A Bulging Middle

The appearance of our waist line is affected very much by our posture … and the positioning of our bust.

Mary was a bride who wanted a slimmer waist. She had a really full chest and a straight figure. The first trick I showed her was what wearing “the right bra” can do.

Often we ladies wear ill-fitting bras that make our busts and waists look like one solid mass. The simple (but little known) trick of raising the bust with a well fitted, supportive bra automatically creates room below it making the waist look narrower.

Mary had never imagined that the size of bra we recommended would even fit her. She’d always worn a size or two bigger. You can imagine her surprise and squeals of delight when she looked at herself in the mirror to see her waist looking nearly two inches smaller! and her figure more curvaceous, yet she didn’t feel uncomfortable.

More Belly Concealers

To make Mary look even more curvy, we combined a low waist design with an A-line skirt and some ruching around her waist line. (Ruching is a method of draping the fabric to add “texture” to the dress). We accentuated the look even further with some asymmetrical draping.

By the time we were done Mary looked like she’d just walked out of a plastic surgeons theatre having cut off 4 inches from her waist.

Mary was very delighted with her final look and really enjoyed her big day that was blessed with excellent weather. She had “curves” in all the right places and looked stunning which made her feel extremely confident and comfortable.

That’s the power of a well thought-out dress design to transform your body into your dream look.

Almost Every Problem Area Has A Design Solution

These two examples (big arms and belly) are just a couple of the design tricks I’ve learned and perfected over the years. I have many more little “nips and tucks” and ways to draw eyes to the all the right spots and away from all your problem areas. Like these …

  • Hiding a big bum
  • Widening narrow shoulders
  • Shortening long arms
  • Elongating short legs
  • Making the tall girl look shorter
  • Making the short girl look taller
  • Adding curves to the thin girl
  • Lengthening a short torso/mid-section
  • Hiding thin legs
  • Narrowing wide shoulders
  • Making a thick neck look narrower
  • Elongating a short neck
  • Shrinking a long neck
  • Hump back solutions
  • Fixing bust problems – Low, Small, Very Full
  • A chest that’s not symmetrical
  • Hiding under-arm fat
  • Hiding love handles

How Do You Know You Can Trust Us
To Deliver On Your Most Important Day?

It’s one thing to be able to create a good design, but quite another to put it all together so that it takes shape just as imagined. How do you know we’ll be able to pull it off for you on your big day when no mistakes can be tolerated?

The only way I can answer that is to tell you we’ve done it over and over again for hundreds of ladies …

Here are some well-known personalities you may know from the media who we’ve had the pleasure of working with successfully, most of whom have done several outfits with us. They wouldn’t come back if we didn’t deliver as promised. (Those marked with * did their wedding gowns with us) …

  • Somoina Kimojino-Kwikiriza* of Capital FM
  • Wahu Kagwi* of Nameless
  • Clare Ruto* former head of Safaricoms legal department
  • Dorothy Ooko* formerly of Nokia Africa
  • Gina Din-Kariuki
  • Debra Sanaipei
  • Chao Tole of Capital FM
  • Caroline Mutoko of KISS FM
  • Betty Gikonyo, Director of Karen Hospital
  • Honorable Nyiva Mwedwa

In Their Words, Not Ours

Click here to read what several brides have had to say after working with us.

What To Expect From Occasions & Days

At Occasions & Days you get much more than just a “Fundi”. Here’s a list of some of the things you can expect from us …

  • Expert Design Selection: We’ll walk with you through the design selection process to make sure you pick out a dress that suits your style, character and physical attributes (height, bust, shape, complexion, etc.)
  • A Perfectly Fitted Dress: You’ll be making a custom-fitted dress with us, just like a celebrity. We’ll take a minimum of 16 measurements of all your key dimensions and more if needed to get the fit perfect.
    • Many wonder why a very nice dress they saw in a magazine doesn’t look as nice on them. This is the reason – a poor fit. With us you get a wonderful dress plus a perfect fit.
  • Draping For Flow That Sits Just Right: The subtle stylish glimmer of a dress and the perfect flow of it and how it “sits” on you (what we call draping) is a factor of the fabric you use to make the dress. Based on the design you select, we’ll make sure you get the correct fabric to bring out the full effects of flow and draping you desire
  • Accessory Advice: Your accessories can be the crowning jewel that gives you that final complete look. When expertly selected to complement both you and your dress the right accessories do just that. There are so many options. We’ll walk with you to make sure everything (shoes, tiara, neck and wrist jewelery, etc.) is just the right shade of colour, sits at the right length on your chest, at the right spot on your arm, and the right height.
  • Style Matching: What style do you want to project on the day? African queen, pretty princess, corporate professional – there’s style that you feel is you and you want to be true to that. We’ll help you identify it and make sure that your whole look communicates the style you want to project.
  • Comfort & Confidence: Your wedding day will be long and busy and you want to feel as good as you look. The last thing you want is a nagging itch or scratch taking away from your enjoyment of your day. We’ll make sure you gown has soft, silky lining and protection in all the right places so that you’re comfortable. And we’ll make sure it’s so strongly put together that you know everything will stay just where it’s supposed to, from pick up at home all the way to the last dance with your new husband at the evening party.
  • Project Management: Going from concept to beautiful gown on the day is a project. We’ll do all the project management for you. You give us the date you want to pick up the gown and we’ll work backwards to schedule all your fitting dates. We’ll call you up to remind you a fitting is coming and we’ll make sure it gets done so we make sure we go from the cocoon of ideas to a magnificent flying butterfly wings outstretched on your day.
  • Focus: As the bride you may get emotional and jittery as the day draws closer. This is normal and we’ve seen it happen many times. You might start to have doubts about your dress and how you look. Your mum, sisters or friends might say something that triggers anxiety in you. Our business includes us staying focused on the vision you came to us with and delivering. We stay objective on the goal and keep plodding along to bring your beautiful gown to life. You can count on us to keep going no matter the tears or emotions.

What You Should Do Next

You can have the wedding dress of your dreams and we want to work with you to make it a reality.

Come talk to us to see if you like us and if you like the way we work. We may be just the designers you’ve been looking for!

Make an Appointment Today. Here’s how …

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Making an appointment is important because Occasions & Days can get quite busy with fittings and other clients making enquiries. The last thing we want is for you to wait unnecessarily long or feel rushed during our discussion (we prioritize clients with appointments). We want to give you the maximum attention a special bride deserves.

When you come in we’ll take you through the step-by-step process from idea to sketch to final design so we can kick off the wonderful journey of making you a perfect bride.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Monica Kanari

PS. Don’t Leave It Too Late! We have a maximum number of brides we commit to every month because we never take more work than we can handle. Giving you maximum attention and delivering on time is our highest priority. So come see us quickly so that if you like us and want to work with us, we can reserve a slot for you on our production schedule!