What customers have said

Agatha Hume

“When I contacted Monica, very little time was remaining before my wedding. Fortunately, Monica has been very efficient and moreover very listening. She understood exactly what I wanted right away and her suggestions were always very accurate. She made me look gorgeous on my D-day ; thanks to her and her lovely team I got to wear a unique and original gown that made me look at best! The groom was bewitched and the guest as well ; all this thanks to Monica’s great talent. I’ll always remember this day mainly because I was happy of course but also because I had never felt that beautiful.”

Kanini Waita, aka Kanini Rwamushaija …

What can I say? I have known Monica for years ,and she has always made for me the most stunning outfits. My bridal gown however was the icing on the cake… It was so beautiful, in the most simple and elegant way. It fit like a glove with no awkward bulges and best of all… I was able to dance all night in it with my hubby!!!!

When you have such a beautiful gown, there is no need to change for the evening party. I still keep being asked where I bought my gown, with the assumption being, I got it in the US or UK…. To top it off, the bridesmaids all looked stunning, in dresses that were unique to each one and her personality… I have a feeling the guests were not sure where to look because the whole bridal party looked simply stunning.

Thank you so much Monica and team for all your patience. I know it was not easy having a bride in Tz; with one bridesmaid in Australia and another one in Tz, all showing up a week before the wedding. You all did such a super job!!!!! Thanks, Asante, Urakoza Cyane!!!

I hope this is not too long. I mean every word. Stay blessed.

Chrstine Mwaura …

“The dress was beautiful ….even though we had a couple of  misunderstandings you are undoubtedly very good at what you do.”

Natasha Nalyaka Mugwe

“I honestly still marvel at the pictures of the wedding dress and so do my friends. It was extremely well done and I must say that it complimented my straight figure. Thank you Monica for the great job done and May God continue to bless your work.”

Suzie Phillips …

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your brilliant work you did for my mum and I. I was most impressed with your patience and your great professionalism. Thank you so much.

Mum was stunning and I was so happy with the final outcome of my dress. And Lennie was truly happy with his shirt too (though he didn’t say very much ). You truly made me feel special on the 19th of October. Thanks so much!!!

I did not get a chance to come by to thank you all for your time.  Please convey my thanks also to Makena for her kindness to us from day 1.  Thank you so much for everything!!

Nkirote Njru …

You made us all look gorgeous. Keep blessed.

Muthoni Ngure …

Thank you so much for the support you gave us on that day. God bless you.

Mrs. Anita Mutula K. Junior …

EVERYONE LOVED MY GOWN. Thanks Monica for making me a beautiful bride 🙂 … Just know i’d have made other gowns if i
had the chance. Gd evening too, hugs 🙂

Bea Tunu Kanja …
My outfits were and still are a hit if I may say so myself. They were immaculately done by the OnD team and they helped me conceptualize my thoughts on fabric. From the fabric to the design … I didn’t have much to worry about. Thanks to Monica and the OnD team for being part of the success of my wedding day!

Linda Nyuguto …
The dresses were beautiful and my maids looked gorgeous in them. My sisters dress also fit. Thank you for your contribution to making my wedding a success.

Mugure & Musyoki …
We just wanted to say a sincere thank you for making our day as special as it was. God bless.

Ciiru Macharia (Gown alteration, Ruracio outfit, Waistcoats) …
Thank You to the OND team, you made my wedding day beautiful.  The alteration on my wedding dress was superb and the waist coats for the guys fitted very well and the workmanship was beyond words.
My ruracio outfit was equally as beautiful and unique.  Monica, Thank you for making the whole experience stress-free.  You did a lovely job and I appreciate everything.  Thanks Again.

Elizabeth Munyi Njuguna (Bridal Gown, Bridesmaids)
Monica & the team – When I came to you I had a colour of the fabric and the vague thought that I didn’t want an ordinary gown. Beyond that I was a blank bride and desperately needed help … you created for me the gown of my dreams!! Actually it was better than the gown of my dreams … it was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!! – I felt like a bride should feel on her wedding day – the most beautiful!! And the headpiece was just the icing on the cake, so original and so stunning!! – Now I know why they say you are the best designer around!! – I really want to say thank you to you and your team for making me and my bridesmaids look great; and even more for making the whole process smooth, painless and fun! – Thanks guys.

Somoina Kimojino – Kwikiriza (Gown, Bridal Party) …
Thank you to the OnD team they really made our day extra special. My dress was unique, sophisticated and the color was incredible. The bridesmaids were dazzling. – Monica and your team we are forever grateful. Keep up the good work! We shall definitely be back.

Violet & John Wali (Bridal Party)
… thank you for your effort & support that gave us a great wedding.

Julius Kemboi (African shirts)
You should see me! You’re so gifted!

Regina Re (Alvaro Launch MC’s dress)  …
The dress was a hit! Everyone loved it. Imagine it’s the exact color as the bottle, and the circular design also matches circles on the bottle to boot!

Liz Burugu (Outfits)  …
WOOOW! They were a BOMB. Mine fits perfectly. Wambui’s skirt a little loose. …

Evelyn Karanja (Bridal Party)
Thank you for making our day unique and memorable. Everyone loved my dress and wanted to know where I got it. The maids looked great and everyone fell in love with my sweet flowergirls. You and your team are the best. God bless you always.

Joyce Wairimu (Bridal Party)
What O&D gave us for our wedding was quality, excellence and unmatched creativity, the comments we got said it all.

Marily Van Messel (Skirts)
The skirts are perfect! I like the one with the fringes best, it fits like a glove, thanks so much.

Emily Nyamu (Bridal Party)
My gown was designed especially for me. I got personalized attention and that’s the kind of assurance a bride to be needs for the most special day of her life. Looking back, I couldn’t have done it any other way.

Susan Makena (Bridesmaids Outfits)
The wedding went so well! Wishing I had your business cards to give away coz many people were inquiring who made the sexy dresses for the maids… the dresses are absolutely gorgeous!!

Esther Naibei (Bridesmaids & Evening Outfit)
Just writing to say how pleased I was with the outfits. It was a showcase. You bet I will be back for more. Thank you.

Carol Ikua (Bridal Party)
Thanks for making my day a success on Sat. People thought the outfits were the bomb, inspite of my dress getting dirty coz of the weather. Twas a blessed day, God Bless.

Barbara Mungai (Gown, Bridesmaids, Children)
To all of you, at Occasions ‘n Days I was really pleased by your high level of professionalism. If I could do this again, I would come back to you without a thought. You are surely blessed with talent and I will always thank God for you. Thank you very much.

Stella & Kariuki (Brides evening gown, Bridesmaids, waistcoats, cravats & ties)
Thank you for the fantastic job you did on the maids and grooms outfits. Your work helped make our wedding day the success it was. God bless you and your team.